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ugg austrial|ugg belcloud boot ugg austrial,ugg belcloud boot,nordstrom ugg bailey button,cheap ugg shoes,ugg shoe store locations,ugg australian site '50 Shades of Grey' Movie The 50 Shades of Grey movie now has three top contenders for the role of Christian Grey, and Ian Somerhalder isn't one of them. Ian has campaigned hard for the role, and he even told some fans of The Vampire Diaries that he was going to audition for it at a recent convention. But even though he has thousands of fans that would love to see him go from biting necks to spanking butts, he didn't make the cut on the list of Christian favorites created by PolicyMic. Instead, another sexy vampire made the cutTrue Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill is also a contender to play Anastasia Steele's seductive love interest, but Ryan Gosling is the top choice. Keep in mind that the list created by PolicyMic is just a matter of opinion; there's no evidence that filmmakers have approached the actors on it in any way. However, producers of the 50 Shades of Grey movie could be checking out all the names being thrown around on the web, so it's possible that they're looking at Henry Cavill, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ryan Gosling as viable options. Alexander and Henry have both starred in sexy fragrance ads that have fans comparing them to Christian Grey, and in them they proved that they can pull off being beguiling and brooding just like the billionaire. Henry will probably be a very hot commodity since he's been cast as the new Superman, and Alexander absolutely oozed sex appeal in his Calvin Klein Encounter adit's hard to imagine other actors being capable of smoldering the way that he does. Playing a vampire has definitely helped him get that hungry, lustful look down pat. Ryan Gosling is an iffy choice. The ladies do love him, but he might be way too sweet and soft to play Christian Grey. He's the kind of guy that gets a gal flowers and kisses her in the rain, not a man that would derive pleasure out of whacking a woman with a whip after tying her up. So maybe Ian Somerhalder would have made a better top choice. He obviously knows that he'll have no problem with what the role of Christian calls for since he's actively campaigning for the part. So if he and Alexander both do audition for the movie, it could end up being a very sexy battle of the TV vampires. Who do you think would win? Photo Source: Wikimedia Ian never said he was talked to by producers. What he said when asked by a fan at a Q fan event was that he had a meeting. He never disclosed with whom. It would make sense that there are preliminary meetings etc. with potential candidates. As far as he's being short, 5'10'' isn't my definition of short. Christian Grey isn''t an NBA basketball player. Height is such a trivial nitpick. Ian is wonderful for the role. It's a shame you can't just support your favorite without putting down other actors. While most of the actors mentioned are way too short, Alexander is a bit too tall as he always bizarrely towers over his cast mates. He also doesn't have the intense eyes or pantybusting smile. Ryan Gosling is not edgy or handsome enough, and Henry Cavill's gummy smile is so wrong for this role since Christian's smile is derailing. It is going to be very difficult to find an actor that has the physical qualities required to portray Christian Grey along with the broad acting range. Ryan Gosling ALLLL THE WAYYY, the only reason why people believe he is so sweet is because of the role he played in "The Notebook" Ryan has got the perfect look, he is sexy and he can play the role of the serious Christian Grey. Even though Jessica Alba just had a baby, she would fit the role of Ana Steele perfectly. I definitely don't think Alexis Bledel could handle the role. I will say her look fits that part, but when it comes down to all the "kinkiness" I think she'd shy away. Jessica Alba would be willing to act out well as a submissive, the shy Ana, and Ana when she falls in love. I think someone is fudging the polls. I personally love Henry Cavill, to me he IS Christian Grey. He has the looks, the body, the eyes the acting resume to prove he can play all 50 shades of Christian his features are versatile, he can looks dominant seductive, pained, has that boyish smile, but still looks older for his age like Christian is suppose to look. But I have been on most sites seen most polls, the tope 4 have been Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, HenryCavill Alexander Skarsgard, even though each poll has a different actor leading. I hardly ever saw Ryan Gosling at all winning any of those polls have seen more comments of people NOT wanting him as Christian. He might be a good actor, but he just does not fit the description, he is not beautiful looking or greek god like, he just has a great body. Christian needs to be extremely good looking that will stop you in your tracks, but have versatile features the body to go with it still have the experience with this type of character the steamy scenes. So I dont understand why Ryan is on this list, instead of Matt or Ian even though I feel Henry should be Christian because he has more experience in this type of character fits the physical description. I do love Ian on VD. But for some reason, he looks to evil bad boy, he always does that thing with his eyebrows in photos like he is trying to hard to be sexy. Ian can play the dark side of Christian, but I cant see him being a classy businessman. That is why I prefer Henry, because he can do all sides has that class about him as well. I also love Alexander as Eric, think he is handsome, he is the closest actor of them all besides Henry who has experience in this type of character, but he is not greek god looking. Ryan is not good looking enough Matt is to pretty delicate looking , the opposite of Ian. Ian can do the dark side, but not seem classy businesslike Matt can do the soft businesslike side looks beautiful, but I can't see him playing the dark side or the sexual dominant Christian is. Henry is the closest, his hair is not exactly bronze, but I dont think a little darker hair matters as long as its not blonde. Elena on VD was blonde in the books brunette on the show, so brown hair is fine, if they want, they can put in copper highlights, to satisfy the anal people. But he has played, sexy, seductive, domineering, classy, pained, playful has done the nudity sex scenes already on Tudors. He has the best body, looks like a greek god has the boyish smile that Ana describes him as having. His features are versatile, he can look boyish w/ his smile, domineering controlling can also be painfully submissive. His Dunhill ads run like a mini 50 shades movie. Ian looks to forced with his evil look, would keep women more at a distance wondering if you'll do something bad to them, than make them want to stay with you no matter what he does. Henry is sexy without trying. Christian does not LOOK hard evil, he is described as classy businesslike, exremely beautiful greek god looking. His look is not suppose to give anything away, so he cant look evil or hard. I'm sorry Edie, but Ian can be a classy business man. Don't just look at VD. there he was always sporty and casual. But the pix he has with suits and all, he is good. Also, he can be sweet and boyish like the way CG is sometimes. Don't get me wrong I like Henry Cavill too, but he is my no. 2. the other actors mentioned here, won't do for me. But the thing is I don't know if Henry can pull it off being not Evil, but lets say do S M. I guess we have to wait, and wait till they decide who is playing CG. I do not get why people kept saying Bale is too old! For all u know this book's character should be called Christian Bale instead of Christian Grey. It totally describe him to a tee, just the age doesnt match. U need an experienced actor to do this tormented char. Furthermore, Ana was described as having "eyes too big for her face" and the only actress i can think of is Anne. Her eyes ARE too big for her face, and she can do innocent AND sexy well too. I know people think both of them are too old. And i also dont get why everyone is comparing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho (which Bale played so well as) as parallel to Grey. Bateman is a psycho, who have a tendency to KILL, Grey is just a misunderstood, abused billionaire who has a dark side. A girl can dream. Although I have always liked Ian on VD. I agree with you. He probably could play the dark side, but not the overall character including his classy side looks to evil bad boy which Christian doesn't. After watching him interrupt everyone on their comic con panel, it lessened my liking of him. He has done lots of charity work but his ego his rudeness in his interrupting his cast in intervies have sayed my good vision of him. Now I have seen him post on Twitter for people to vote for him for people's choice. Does his desperation know no bounds? You don't ask fans to vote for you, you let everyone make their own decision then if you win the better it feels rather than accepting an award because you campaigned or practically begged for it. I am losing respect for him when I wish I didn't. I admire humbleness, which he does not seem to possess, I feel disappointed when I find out these things. Buy cheap uggs online from our UGG Outlet Shop! Huge selection of UGG Boots with 100% quality promising. 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